One of our major advantages is La Ducrie’s proximity to the sea. Sitting between the east and west coasts means the sea and its cooling breezes are never far away. This, with the Gulf Stream, helps keep the climate moderate and comfortable.

The Four Seasons

Frosts are relatively rare in this part of France. When they do occur they are not usually harsh or lasting. It does snow sometimes, but this is rare!


Spring arrives early in this part of Normandy. Early March usually sees the trees breaking into leaf and new growth cycles begin. Migratory birds will have returned and begun building their nests.


This is the most beautiful time of year. Long hot summer days are eclipsed by warm evenings with much supping of fine wines on the lawns, sometimes until the early hours. Even in the height of summer, roads are surprisingly free of traffic, making it a pleasure for those who wish to explore the region.


Again, a wonderful time of year. It is still possible to enjoy warm sunny days well after the harvests have been gathered. Late September and October are usually quite stunning. The temperature can drop at night but a jumper or cardigan is usually sufficient for walking or trekking.


Average Temp (°C)8°C11°C15°C18°C20°C20°C17°C13°C

Remember, these are just average temperatures. Sometimes it can be a great deal warmer (well over 30°C in summer) and very occasionally, a good bit colder!